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Identity and Access Management

IT security can make or break an enterprise’s success. And efficient Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the core pillar of any robust Enterprise Security system. Peritas offers end-to-end solutions for common access cards, identity federation, public key infrastructures, and bring your own device – ensuring the right people can access the right information, no matter where they are.

Common Access Card

The challenges faced by organizationin managing various Access devices to enter buildings and open gates; but also to enter networks and open applications leads them to manage Multiple ID cards, passwords and tokens-causing major overload on the staff and also for the IT and other departments incharge of maintain the myriad ways of identities.

Peritas by partnering with nexus offers a common access card solution which combines physical and logical access rights-in the form of a single ID card, combined with a powerful identity and credentials management system. This card can be used to unlock doors, enter the parking garage, operate printers or pay for lunch in the canteen. And the same card enables single sign-on for IT applications, remote access to servers, and data encryption capabilities.

By implementing a truly end-to-end solution for either the entire organization or just for selected systems, the organization benefits from simplified processes, greater user acceptance, and more coherent and robust security.

PKI Solution

As the acceptance of Web 2.0 is becoming ubiquitous, industrial espionage, identity theft and fraud are endemic-making robust authentication a necessity. Also with countless users and machines communicating within and outside the corporate network, conventional security mechanisms may not be sufficient under the pressure.

neXus public key infrastructure (PKI) delivers an end-to-end security concept based on encryption.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Personal smartphones and tablets overtaking Laptops and Desktops and flooding the workplace Corporate Data security is becoming a challenge for the management. Also as managements have started to allow BYOD to cut costs, the IT department must ensure sensitive information remains within enterprise boundaries. neXus understands these demands, offering airtight integration of devices without any need to install additional software at the end users device, and any sensitive corporate data accessed remotely leaves no trace on the device itself.

Identity Federation

Enterprise users need to access innumerable online services every day. Registering and logging in each time eats into productivity and also need to remember multiple IDs and passwords. By making it possible to link, re-use and combine identities across corporate, cloud and public domains, identity federation allows users to move easily between services-without compromising on security. It means users no longer require distinct credentials for each domain instead uses a single sign-on, whereby one-off authentication grants seamless access to a host of federated services.

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