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Privilege Identity Management & Application Control

Enterprises are facing day to day problems for the fact that administrative control has been given to users indiscriminately. Misuse of administrative rights is causing loss of millions of dollars. It is necessary to have control features and administrative privilege capabilities to protect against sophisticated zero-day attacks, malware, and advanced persistent threats. To protect from advanced targeted attacks that evade traditional, signature-based protection, Whitelisting of applications has become a necessity. It is needed to whitelist application from trusted sources and update to a cloud-based system which can rank unknown applications and reinforce with managed administrative privileges. Policies need to be implemented across an organization’s entire infrastructure, from Windows-based endpoints, to servers, virtual machines, cloud/SaaS, and remote based-endpoints. Peritas provides Privilege management solution to protect your organization against Advance Persistence Threats and many other such threats from both internal and external sources

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