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Web/Content Filtering

With the advent of Web 2.0 technologies, websites are now salad of content that is aggregated from many sites. This scenario adds complexity to filtering websites based on domain names alone and also opens up new avenues of attack for hackers and virus writers who are becoming increasingly successful at compromising syndicated feeds. If just one feed of data is compromised, all the websites that pull in that feed will deliver malicious code to their trusted users.
An effective content filtering solution will judge incoming web data based on its content and not its source alone. Malicious content that is smuggled into trusted sites will still be detected and filtered out, thus protecting the internal network. A modern and effective web content filtering solution scans more than the domain name. It is able to break down and analyze web traffic making it capable to accurately pinpoint portions of a web page which should not be allowed into the internal network.

Peritas has partnered with ContentKeeper Australia to provide real-time, high performance Web content analysis, utilizing advanced heuristics and deep packet inspection. ContentKeeper integrates a diverse range of powerful, policy-based controls to enable organizations fine control over web use on any Web-connected device, located anywhere.

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